Welcome To Galactic Neutral


So I originally started this blog in 2013, insert cringe now. And then things got busy and with pretty much everything else I pushed it to the side and see I’ll deal with it soon. So three years later here I am. Again.


Anyway I’m Ash, I’m a psychology student in New Zealand. Originally I started the blog as a place to put my thoughts and quickly realised that was a bad idea so it’s kinda morphed into a study/psychology/lifestyle blog. I’m mostly active here and on tumblr. I’m kinda active on instagram and twitter but usually very cautious.


My main interest area of psychology is abnormal ie mental health. So I’m probably gonna talk alot about that, especially the mental health aspect.


I have a couple of post series that I’ve planned out and I’ll go into more detail on the first post, but they’ll be rotated every Friday. I also post my favourite song of the moment on Mondays.


So welcome to Galactic Neutral