Returning to Running


Not that anyone who knows me believes me but I was really sporty as a kid. Football in winter, touch in summer. Cross-country, biking and martial arts. Originally when I first stopped I would give the excuse that I hurt my ankle, which according to my childhood memories is half correct but in hindsight I’m beginning to think something else was involved.

So recently I regained my interest in running. And by regained I mean became slightly obsessed. At the moment my current goal is too increase my fitness, I’m hoping that weightloss is involved not gonna lie but that’s not my goal. I also have like mini goals in mind to track my progress.

I also have a fun habit of getting kinda obsessed with something and then do it for like a couple of days and then giving up like; sewing (in my defense I don’t currently have my sewing machine), knitting (I kept losing my needles but I made a scarf!), weaving (like on a loom, couldn’t put the loom together), running *cough cough* (begged my parents for a treadmill and gave up). So to start with I waited a couple of days to see if my go for a run feeling would stay and it did so I bought a pair of running shoes and a sports bra and then spent the next week breaking them in, the shoes that is. Shoes are perfect didn’t need breaking in and are super comfy. Sports bra is… misused. It’s a low support yoga bra that I got a couple sizes too small and fits nicely not gonna lie. Defintely gonna buy one soon that fits properly.

And then after work on a whim I went for a run. Did terribly was wheezing after it but I still wanted to go for a run. So I went the next day and kinda improved my time and distance. Then my legs were killing me so I took a break. I did another two days and then another break. A week later and I was thinking y’know what I better make advantage of this while I can. Now I’ve got my friends to remind me to go for a run, yay positive peer pressure. So if I’m like complaining they’ll be like Ash, go for a run and I’ll be like ugh fine. I found a nice quiet park that I drive to and go for a run (I know I know but I can’t walk up the hill after a run but the run there is exercise itself). It’s usually pretty quiet so I don’t feel awkward going all out and trying my best.

After a week I saw results. Then when I moved parks I saw even better results. I made a set mental course and would see if I could increase my distance. When I first started running that lap I would only make it about 50 meters before I had to stop (because of my legs, not my lungs) then when I finished that day I was running about 80 metres. The next time I went I went from 80 metres to 120 metres and as of my last time there I made the entire lap. Nearly y’know died at the end but it was worth it. Now my goal is to run the entirely lap comfortably and then increase it from here. First goal; run 1km with out stopping.

I’ve found that keeping my goals and fitness tracker in my journal thing has helped keep me motivated. It’s been a month since I started running again and I’m still going strong. Currently I run 3kms a run in about 30 minutes. Over the next couple of months I’m hoping to increase that to 5kms in 30ish minutes.

NB – Not my photo, photo taken from editing site.