Planning Planning 2017

This year I used a bullet journal, read about that experiment here, and while I did enjoy the system I wasn’t a big fan of having to draw out my layouts as I go. Admittedly that’s more of a flaw of my set up rather than the idea of bullet journalling.  So I looked into alternatives i.e. already laid out planners.


Okay so I kinda lied as my first one isn’t exactly a book, it’s the Midori Traveller’s notebook. I liked the idea of having the freedom to add any books for an particular topic, but a the same time I didn’t like the idea of keeping everything separate. And for some reason the idea of using elastics to hold the book to the cover felt weird.


I glanced at the Erin Condren but decided I didn’t like the size. I was using an A5 this year and I’ve found it slightly too big for me to be able to easily carry it with me. I do like the Erin Condren but it just doesn’t feel like me.


I did entertain the idea of using another Rhodia Webnotebook for a bullet journal this year, but I felt even with the improvements I still would be struggling with it. So I’m planning on using another one next year but as more a list book/bullet journal hybrid.


Then I discovered the Hobonichi Techo. They’re a Japanese planner which 4-5 different variations depending on how you count them. I really like the look of the English planner version and I’m hoping to use that as my main planner to replace my bullet journal from this year. They also have a Weeks version that I am debating with myself about getting.