My Planning System 2017

So as I mentioned in my planning planning 2017 post I decided on the Hobonichi, and now I have perhaps too many. Here i’m just going to outline my planning system for 2017 which what I’m using and how I’m using it. 


My main planner is the Hobonichi Techo, I use this as my daily planner. I don’t plain in great detail but I use to give me an overview of the day and track things I need to track. As an appendeum to this I use the weeks booklet to pencil in my hourly timetable so I can have a detail view of my day and appointments.  I tend to write notes down on the day page so I can back and see when I had that conversation or thought, so I mark important pages with book darts until I copy it over somewhere.


I use my Hobonichi Weeks to give me a good idea of what’s coming up and for forward planning. I’m surprised at how much I really enjoy using the weeks. It allows me to plan and schedule in appointments to see how busy I am. I also kinda really want to buy two more… I know. It’s a problem. One to track mental health and one for fitness. I’m planning to have a review up on Friday,


I also use the Hobonichi A6 Avec as a journal, in here I doodle and paint and write whatever happened to me that day. I also use it to write down things that are bothering me, goals and things I want to work on.


Now last year I used a Rhodia Webnotebook which I still love. So I use as a… hmm I guess you could say list book. I use it to store important things and again I use book darts and book marks if I need to refer to something again.