Zombies Run Review

I use two apps when running; Zombies Run and Run Keeper. Zombies Run was something I was at first hesitant to get into. I go running on tracks in a forest so the idea of having zombie chasing sounds didn’t really appeal to me, but I downloaded and tried it out and I loved it.


I’ve also had a subscription for 2 months now and I’m definitely going to continue with the subscription. It allows you unlimited access to all the stories so you don’t have to wait to unlock the next story. This works out well for me as I try to go running every second day.


The plotline is great, I will admit it took me a few runs to really get into it and now that I’m near the end of season 1 I’m really invested and want to find out what happens next. It also gives you a nice break from music. I find that listening to music so often gets boring and having a new story really makes it interesting.


Not gonna lie the “You’re doing great” comments are nice, even though I’m using on my walking phase at that point.