Almost A Full Face of AB Makeup Reviews

While I realised this is a fairly generalising statement I find myself drawn to the sheer more natural looking makeup of East Asia. So my goal for this year was to try create my HG face, and after trying a couple of Asian makeup products I was sold, so I challenged myself to try fill in the gaps with some Asian products. I don’t often go all out with makeup and my minimalist day to day face is generally foundation, eyes, lips and done, though recently I’m getting more of a full face natural look because I love some of these products. 


I have normal leaning dry skin. My main concerns are redness, pores and hydration maintenance. Lighting wasn’t my friend when I took the photos so I retook them on a different day and my arm looks darker/warmer. I have edited them to try and be as close to real life for the product.


So this a slightly abridged version as I already have HG eyeliner, mascara.


Missha Colour Fix Eye Primer. I don’t know why I was all like ‘meh I don’t need a primer, they’re just unnecessary’ because holy crap this stuff is amazing. My eyeshadow lasts all day. It looks white in the tube but it definitely applies more transparent, though still with a white cast. It does offer some grab for the eye shadows and slightly boosts the colour. I haven’t experienced any creasing on my slightly hooded eyes. It doubled the wear of my sheerer eyeshadows which usually last 4 hours. They did fade a bit but again sheer and they were still there even if a bit dull. With a bit more pigmented shadows they still as amazing as when they were put on. I have semi-oily lids and my eyes look matte up until I take it off.

3CE Back to Baby Base – Cream Yellow and Sky Blue
Cream yellow – I originally got this as foundation mixer for foundations and are too dark and too pink. It works really well for that. I do also occasionally use it on it’s own or under makeup. I did try the green primers but they seemed to enhance the redness while making everything else look ashy. Then I had it recommended that olive undertones should primer with blue and someone else suggested priming with yellow. Blue does work but as I have a sheer foundation it just shows as a bright patch. Yellow doesn’t entirely get rid of it but it does a really good at minimising it. If I’m using it all over I’ll mix it with a bit of moisturiser and apply and then tap on more coverage where I need it. I would also say the finish is slightly very dewy. 
Sky Blue – I got this to add to foundations to make them a bit more olive and I find that this works great for it as well, but again it has a white base so it will also slightly lighten the foundation.



Aritaum Styling Eye Palette
I have a full review post here if you want to read it but I’ll give a short version of my thoughts here. I still really love this palette. I’m kinda re-deciding about buying different palettes but I’m very happy with the mattes. I often use the first shade as a one eyeshadow look and the second shade as a contour. I find that the shimmer shade looks really good with the sponge applicator provided so I recommend keeping that and I find it brings out the red in the shade more. 

For contour I use the second shade in my Aritaum Palette – mild sun. I was really surprised at how natural it looks. From front on it can look a little heavy but from the side it’s pretty much perfect.


A’Pieu Moist Creamy Concealer – Frozen
I can’t remember how I found this but it’s supposedly a dupe for Nars Creamy Concealer. Not gonna lie it’s not my favourite concealer. It’s very thick so I little bit goes a long way. I find that it separates and goes cakey on my cheeks when I apply it. At first I thought it was my powder but it’s definitely the concealer. I’ve also tried mixing some with a moisturiser to see if that helps and nope. Still cakey. It is a pretty high coverage concealer, you can still see some of my redness showing through. I think this might be because my skin is on the dryer side that it’s drying out and caking.

3CE Glossing Waterful Concealer- 01
This is my favourite concealer currently. It’s a very watery texture that I hope you can see in the photo. I find that this is perfect for undereyes and despite looking orange in the tube and when you first dot it on it lightens up a bit when you spread it out and it looks really nice on my under eyes. It definitely has a dewy finish but nothing a bit of powder can’t fix. I have dark circles but they’re not the darkest and this does a fairly good job of covering them with a thin layer. However if you build it up it will turn orange (depending on your skin tone). I find I get fairly good coverage with a thing layer but I wouldn’t consider it a heavy duty concealer. Unless I find a better formula for me I’ll repurchase this when I run out.


3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation – Milk Ivory
This is the first foundation I’ve tried from the bottle that looked good. It is a sheerer coverage but you can build it up to a light coverage. Sometimes I don’t like the sheer coverage, like when I’m wanting to use blush, but it does even out my skintone. It matches my face alright and because it’s sheer I can get away with it but I do usually mix in my yellow primer as seen in this post. It doesn’t last all day but it does fade gracefully, well as gracefully as anything can on my face. I’m not the biggest fan of the glow so I do tone it down with some powder, which also helps minimise the transferring.


Innisfree Mineral Highlighter – Sugar Candy
I don’t often use highlighter and not with this foundation, however I was interested in trying a AB highlight just for interests sake. I chose the Innisfree Mineral Highlight. I chose the shade Sugar Candy and I was impressed. I just kinda went ah whatever when choosing some face products because I couldn’t find any reviews on them. I have the Balm Mary-Lou which I like I find it can be quite overpowering at times. The Innisfree highlighter is an off white highlight with subtle gold glitter. I don’t want to say glitter per se but yeah. Sometimes it can be a bit too glittery for me but if I apply it with a light hand I can get the glow I’m looking for.


3CE Face Blush – Maybe
I was kinda disappointed at how this turned out. I was hoping for a pinkier pinky peach but unfortunately it pulls more orange on my skin, I was hoping for something closer to the swatch. It has a nice natural sheer coverage, giving that hint of colour from within look. I’ve seem some people say it has a bit of fall out but I haven’t experienced any.


Etude House Face Colour Corset – 4 Light Shading Corset
I’ll be honest; I’m a bit meh about bronzers in general, no particular reason they just haven’t caught my eye. So I randomly chose the closest AB bronzer I could find that wasn’t a contour. Though… a lot of the shades are warm. This caught my eye because a it’s cheap and b I originally discovered it through the Etude House Aloha V-line Slim Maker and I’m a sucker for Polynesian themed things so I went digging. Couldn’t get the newer V-line Slim Maker but found this instead. I was surprised at how small the compact was and how much i don’t hate it. It’s a sheer glittery tan, a couple of shades darker than my skin. YOu can’t see it in the photo but it’s riddled with glitter. I was a bit apprehensive about putting it on my face because I really didn’t want to look like disco ball. However I find it gives a subtle hint of a tan to my face and I can’t tell there’s any glitter. It lasts all day as far as I can tell. It piqued my interest in bronzers a little bit but not enough I consider them a necessity. 


Aritaum Idol Brow Mascara – 5 Dark Brown
I really like this product, however the shade just isn’t right for me. It stays all day and gives a tint to my eyebrows. However my eyebrows are medium/dark brown with a cool undertone and this has a very warm undertone and is slightly too light. 



Holika HOlika Pro: Beauty Bloody Oil Tint – RD801 Bloody Vampire
I ordered this on a whim as my other lip product hadn’t turned up and I’m somewhat pleasantly surprised. First starters this looks exactly like blood. I found that I really need to rub it into my lips to get a good tint. I do like the tint it leaves, and I acknowledge that this is a tint so I’m not expecting amazing -any- opacity but I kinda wish it had moore… oomph I guess. Or at least left my lips looking a touch more bloody. It does a great job of making the inside of my lip look like fresh blood so now I have something to try and dupe. The scent is a bit meh. My friend thinks it smells like grape, I think it smells like… rancid grape. Probably won’t repurchase it but it has got me a bit more interested in lip tints and stains. And reinforced me wanting to find something that looks like blood. I find that it does stain dry patches differently so it makes me look like a surprise vampire.

Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet – 12 Pure Peach
I  a theory, whenever the universe hears me wanting to love a product it makes it so I hate it. I was super excited for the new Ink the Velvets to be released. There were a couple of shades I was umming and ahhing over but the peach caught my eye. I‘m not a fan of the colour but the formula. OMG. I am so happy I tried this. I got it in the shade pure peach. When I first apply it it looks like a neon pastel orange… I’m pretty sure that’s not a thing but that’s the best destriptor I can think of. It dries down to the normal orange leaning peach I usually get. Which I feel like it’s a bit too bright for me. However the stain it leaves behind is surprisingly wearable. I’ve been playing around with it and my favourite application method is to apply a little bit with a lip brush which gives me that instant soft peach. Sometimes it looks a little too bright and other times it look perfect. I’ve also found that scraping off as much product from the applicator and then applying to my lips gives a nice look. I love the formula it goes on nice and smooth. In saying that if you have flaky skin on your lips it will cling to it. The fresh colour doesn’t last super long but the stain it leaves behind is really nice. I’ve actually ordered two more shades and as soon as I can find shade 8 I’m going to buy it. But I do have to say I’ve been wearing this everyday and sometimes I’ll catch myself in the mirror and be like… my lips look good is it the stain or has it worn off?


3CE Fixer Spray

I’m surprised at how well I like this. So according to this Reddit post here I think this is actually a setting spray which I use to set my makeup before applying another spray. It takes away the powdery look and meshes everything together. By that I mean I got bored one day and tried ‘touching up’ my foundation to see what happened. Even though I had already applied foundation, powder and spray it actually looked alright. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though but it goes to show how good it is at removing the powderyness. Although I am super happy with this, I did notice that Aritaum has one that’s available in NZ and cheaper than this so if I can find the ingredients list I might try that before repurchasing this.

And done. The 3CE products are ones I’m happy to repurchase. I would say the Aritaum Palette is good for a beginner or someone wanting to try sheer eyeshadows. I cannot recommend the eye primer enough (It was $15NZD!). The Innisfree highlighter and Etude House ‘bronzer’ are probably gonna stick around in my daily makeup bag for a while. Blush has already been swapped out. Gonna keep using the brow mascara until I run out then try something from one of my favourite brands; Eye of Horus. I wear the Ink Velvet daily if I’m going for a ‘natural’ look and can’t stand the oil tint. Though I keep it to remind myself that I can get bloody lips. One of my goals to create a ‘makeup wardrobe’ so a few key products that I really like and are reliable and I think through doing this I’ve found a few products I’m happy to add to this list. My main annoyance was liking the formula but not the colour and then not finding a colour in a formula I like. 

My (Kinda) DIY Cushion Foundations

I love cushion foundations, or rather I love the idea because I can’t for the life me find a match. DIYing a cushion to be the perfect sounds… well perfect however mixing products is not a good idea. You risk bacteria and mold growing in your cushion. So I got to thinking how can I use then cushion compacts that don’t fit me? I can’t keep a mixture for long but I really want to use these compacts. I’m also a big believer in it’s not the cushion that makes them so good, it’s the puff. So here are two different cushion foundation DIYs.


Method 1
If you’re like me and mix a foundation daily whether that be lighterners, darkeners, undertone, moisturiser etc. I often have to mix foundations and I hate the feeling of foundation on my hand and I don’t have a mixing palette.

What I do is I clean out a cushion compact, save the foundation because hey you never know I might miraculously wake up matching it. (I usually just decant a little bit into a container and send it to a friend.)


Then in the morning I mix my foundation in the now emptied and cleaned compact. Usually my mixture makes enough for one application and a bit. The leftover bit I take with me for touch-ups.

Still not amazing hygienic and still compromising the formula but I don’t mind as it’s only going to be use in a few hours, if at all. You don’t have to mix if you don’t want to, I can see this working with a few products you want to layer, just be aware that the puff does soak up quite a bit of product.


Method 2.

I like this for traveling. This was actually my original idea until semi-necessity required the first one. For this you’ll need a shallow sample container like this. Those aren’t the exact ones but similar. I’d recommend measuring the internal area to get an idea of how small you need. Place your foundation, I do not recommend mixing, in it and place in the compact. Add a spatula and an alcohol wipe and you’re done. I usually wipe the spatula and drop the foundation on the puff holder and spread it around a bit then use the puff to apply. Originally I wanted to use a small airless pump but good luck finding one the right size. If you’re wanting to try this I suggest measuring your compact first and then the container you want to use note; the standard sample cases won’t work and the YSL ones won’t either. I had to go on a mission to find them. You can put a little bit of blue tack underneath it if it jiggling around annoys you. If your spatula doesn’t fit you can hide it under your puff but I’ll imagine it will get dirty quite fast.


I’m actually thinking of modifying method 2 into a full face palette. As in take a magnetic palette, put in your powders and either attach some magnetic tape or blue tack it down for cream products. I’ve always wanted to have a full face palette for travel. Gimme a couple months to find everything haha. I can’t imagine liquids going well… Actually new goal: an entire travel skincare routine in a palette.

First K-Beauty Haul

So my, technically, first haul arrived about a week ago. I had another order which has been delayed by a week so I kinda sorta broke my no buy for some less delayed gratification. Worth it.

I ordered from Hikoco, a NZ company. I placed my order on Wednesday (25/1), it shipped Thursday(26/1) and I picked it up on Friday (27/1). As I’ve only had these for a grand total of a few hours I thought I’d write a first impression on the skincare and palette.


I got the Son & Park Beauty Water, Goodal Moisture Barrier Cream and the Aritaum Styling Eye Palette in Grey Brown.

Son & Park Beauty Water

I love the scent, it’s very citrusy, wish I could get it as a perfume almost. It nice and cooling when applying it. Where I was testing it stayed a bit shiny for a while before settling into what my skin normally looks like. It was actually the first product that got me interested in skincare after trying and disliking heavier western products. So seeing in stock on a NZ site I jumped at the chance (plus the bottle is aesthetic).

Goodal Moisture Barrier Cream

I can’t quite put my finger down on the scent exactly but it’s definitely florally/fruity. The scent is very strong. I can still smell it on my face at least 30 minutes after applying it. I was surprised at how hard the cream was, but it melts very easily and blends in wonderfully. My skin is still a wee bit sticky at about 40-50 minutes after application.

Aritaum Styling Eye Palette in Grey Brown

I love this palette. It is tiny 9cm x ~4.8cm x 1cm (~3.6″ x ~1.9″ x ~0.5″). The colours aren’t that pigmented especially the lighter 2. In saying that they do show up (slightly) on my pigmented lids. The shimmer glittery shade is impressive and my favourite on first look. Since I’ve had it a wee bit and I’ve been playing around with it (i.e. wearing it everyday) I have an entire review with swatches here.

Aritaum Styling Eye Palette Review

I’ve been on the look out for a good neutral palette, and by that I mean something that contains everything I need for whatever eye look I’’m going or. Currently I’m using the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. Which I do like the colours, bar 2. And there’s a few I don’t really use but my everday look is perfect. But I wasn’t sure how I felt about the pigmentation which is alright but I do also kinda wanna try the eastern ‘natural’ look. I debated between this and  a Clio palette but this suckered me in with the shades and a review.

This is my favourite everyday palette. Before I was using the Too Faced Natural Eye palette but they did look more makeupy if that makes sense. The Eye styling palette is perfect for that no makeup makeup. I’s also very small so I think it would be good for travelling. The packaging is a nice sturdy plastic and it clicks shut nicely.

At first I was a bit put off by sheer shadows, so I jumped in with this and I absolutely don’t regret it. These shadows are buildable and show up on my pigmented lids. I use the lighther shades on lazy days all over my lid and a little bit into my crease. If I’m doing a bit more effort I’ll usually put the second shade over my lid and then the third in my crease and blend to give a bit more definition. A full out look involves all the shades pretty much. I’ll pat the 2nd shade all over the lid, 3rd in the crease and the 1st as a transition shade going up to my brown bone and then the 4th on the outer v. Finally I’ll pat the 4th shade all over my lid to add some shine.

Shade Reviews

Airlike – I’m surprised at how much I like this shade. It’s a light peachy pink shade. I like applying it all over my eye as a one eyeshadow look. It’s sheer when you first put it on but you can build it up to a pale pinky colour.

Mild Sun – I have mixed opinions about this shade, it’s a light taupey brown but with a tiny hint of yellow undertone. I like patting this all over my lid but sometimes it can look a bit too grey.

Desert Sun – warm soft brown. I should really start using this as an all over

Rainy – I wanted to like this shade so much. It’s a deep reddish brown with gold glitter. In a finger swatch is looks okay. But when you apply it with a brush it’s very sheer and looks like a warm brown with a bit of glitter. So I’d recommend foiling it and then patting over the top. In the pan it looks quite a bit red but it doesn’t look that red when swatched or applied to the eyes. 

L-R Foiled with dry on top, foiled, patted on, swiped on, finger swatch

The Big Night – Your general cool dark brown. This is perfect for creating shadows to add defition to your eyes. I can’t tell if this is more pigmented or it just shows up more because it’s a darker. colour


Final Thoughts
This  would make a good beginner’s palette if you’re looking to practise techniques. I chose this because of the matte shades, however I am now second guessing if I want to get any other palettes as they have more shimmery shades. And even though I like the range you can make with rainy I wouldn’t be impressed if I needed to go through that for a whole palette. However I could see them working well a one shadow colours. The shadows can be quite fallouty if you pick up a lot so I definitely recommend starting with smaller amounts and building up the colour.

What is it: Aritaum Styling Eye Palette
Price: $18NZD
Would I repurchase: Yep
Rating: 4/5