My Goals for 2017

I would really consider these resolutions or things that I need to change overnight. The problem with resolutions in general are that they’re too big and people fail within a month and lose motivation. These goals are more where I want to be at the end of the year.

Invest in a good wardrobe
So this section was partially inspired by Sarah Rae Vegas’s video. Although I do have a health/weight related goal I’ll go into a bit more in it’s own paragraph. I’ve never had a wardrobe I’m particularly fond of I usually just grab whatever fits me and run. So usually this is just jeans and t-shirts. But I really love the grungey look. I’ve recently figured out the reason why I didn’t like my wardrobe; it didn’t fit me well. I’ve always been a bit on the bigger side, but after a couple episodes where my health turned to shit I put a bit more on. I’m still somewhere inbetween the regular sizes and plus sizes. I can occasionally find things that fit me okay but there’s always a but as to why I don’t wear them. Thinking back, a lot of my favourite pieces have been the ones that have fitted me well. I could just chuck them on and go and not have to worry about anything. But again my health turned to shit and I no longer fit my favourite jeans. Then I started looking at plus size hauls on Youtube and seeing hey there are clothes I like that fit could me. While I haven’t had the courage yet to place an order I’m hoping to build up a cash pillow so I can make an order in the future. I want to build a capsule wardrobe of staple pieces that will last a longish time.

Keep running.
If you read my last running post you’ll know I’ve started running again.Well kinda I ended up taking a break over the holidays and will probably not be running as much this coming month. I want to clarify that my goal isn’t actually to x times a week or x distance a week. It is simply that by the end of the year I’m running regularly and at a fitness level I happy with. While I do admit that I would like to loose weight and drop a few sizes they’re like thoughts in the back of my mind. As in I’m hoping that this is a side effect of running regularly and eating well but it’s not my end goal. I do have specific goals to kepe me on track but this is the overarching goal.

Try more makeup and skincare
This year I’m wanting to get into skincare a bit more and maybe play around with makeup a bit more. Not necessarily the makeup, definitely more the skincare. I’m hoping that it’ll become a part of my self care routine and part of my winding down routine at night. At the moment I’m planning on trying out AB skincare and the 10 step routine. I’m thinking of doing a post about how my routine looks in a couple of months when I have a basic routine sorted. My beauty/makeup philosophy is pretty simple. I prefer a fresh natural base and like experimenting with eyeshadows and lips. I’m hoping to have a full face of products that I like. I’m not really into the whole try everything mentalittly mine is more find one you thing you like and buy ALL of it. 

Keep a routine
This kinda follows on from the last paragraph. One thing that I have noticed definitely helping me is if I get up early do a routine of things that help me feel ready to face the world. If I miss a step it can throw my whole day off. I find if it’s something important but if it’s something with no immediate consequences then I’m more likely to flake off and take the day inside. This also interestingly happens if I’m waiting for a package as sometimes they’ll deliver and other times they’ll leave a card.

Keep Up with Uni
A major problem that I have pinpointed was going to lectures. I’ve had a few health issues that have kept me from uni which I’m still working on but they’re getting better. I want to keep this improvement going. I have a study plan sortedish, I’m thinking of posting about it here but not too sure.