First K-Beauty Haul

So my, technically, first haul arrived about a week ago. I had another order which has been delayed by a week so I kinda sorta broke my no buy for some less delayed gratification. Worth it.

I ordered from Hikoco, a NZ company. I placed my order on Wednesday (25/1), it shipped Thursday(26/1) and I picked it up on Friday (27/1). As I’ve only had these for a grand total of a few hours I thought I’d write a first impression on the skincare and palette.


I got the Son & Park Beauty Water, Goodal Moisture Barrier Cream and the Aritaum Styling Eye Palette in Grey Brown.

Son & Park Beauty Water

I love the scent, it’s very citrusy, wish I could get it as a perfume almost. It nice and cooling when applying it. Where I was testing it stayed a bit shiny for a while before settling into what my skin normally looks like. It was actually the first product that got me interested in skincare after trying and disliking heavier western products. So seeing in stock on a NZ site I jumped at the chance (plus the bottle is aesthetic).

Goodal Moisture Barrier Cream

I can’t quite put my finger down on the scent exactly but it’s definitely florally/fruity. The scent is very strong. I can still smell it on my face at least 30 minutes after applying it. I was surprised at how hard the cream was, but it melts very easily and blends in wonderfully. My skin is still a wee bit sticky at about 40-50 minutes after application.

Aritaum Styling Eye Palette in Grey Brown

I love this palette. It is tiny 9cm x ~4.8cm x 1cm (~3.6″ x ~1.9″ x ~0.5″). The colours aren’t that pigmented especially the lighter 2. In saying that they do show up (slightly) on my pigmented lids. The shimmer glittery shade is impressive and my favourite on first look. Since I’ve had it a wee bit and I’ve been playing around with it (i.e. wearing it everyday) I have an entire review with swatches here.

Aritaum Styling Eye Palette Review

I’ve been on the look out for a good neutral palette, and by that I mean something that contains everything I need for whatever eye look I’’m going or. Currently I’m using the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. Which I do like the colours, bar 2. And there’s a few I don’t really use but my everday look is perfect. But I wasn’t sure how I felt about the pigmentation which is alright but I do also kinda wanna try the eastern ‘natural’ look. I debated between this and  a Clio palette but this suckered me in with the shades and a review.

This is my favourite everyday palette. Before I was using the Too Faced Natural Eye palette but they did look more makeupy if that makes sense. The Eye styling palette is perfect for that no makeup makeup. I’s also very small so I think it would be good for travelling. The packaging is a nice sturdy plastic and it clicks shut nicely.

At first I was a bit put off by sheer shadows, so I jumped in with this and I absolutely don’t regret it. These shadows are buildable and show up on my pigmented lids. I use the lighther shades on lazy days all over my lid and a little bit into my crease. If I’m doing a bit more effort I’ll usually put the second shade over my lid and then the third in my crease and blend to give a bit more definition. A full out look involves all the shades pretty much. I’ll pat the 2nd shade all over the lid, 3rd in the crease and the 1st as a transition shade going up to my brown bone and then the 4th on the outer v. Finally I’ll pat the 4th shade all over my lid to add some shine.

Shade Reviews

Airlike – I’m surprised at how much I like this shade. It’s a light peachy pink shade. I like applying it all over my eye as a one eyeshadow look. It’s sheer when you first put it on but you can build it up to a pale pinky colour.

Mild Sun – I have mixed opinions about this shade, it’s a light taupey brown but with a tiny hint of yellow undertone. I like patting this all over my lid but sometimes it can look a bit too grey.

Desert Sun – warm soft brown. I should really start using this as an all over

Rainy – I wanted to like this shade so much. It’s a deep reddish brown with gold glitter. In a finger swatch is looks okay. But when you apply it with a brush it’s very sheer and looks like a warm brown with a bit of glitter. So I’d recommend foiling it and then patting over the top. In the pan it looks quite a bit red but it doesn’t look that red when swatched or applied to the eyes. 

L-R Foiled with dry on top, foiled, patted on, swiped on, finger swatch

The Big Night – Your general cool dark brown. This is perfect for creating shadows to add defition to your eyes. I can’t tell if this is more pigmented or it just shows up more because it’s a darker. colour


Final Thoughts
This  would make a good beginner’s palette if you’re looking to practise techniques. I chose this because of the matte shades, however I am now second guessing if I want to get any other palettes as they have more shimmery shades. And even though I like the range you can make with rainy I wouldn’t be impressed if I needed to go through that for a whole palette. However I could see them working well a one shadow colours. The shadows can be quite fallouty if you pick up a lot so I definitely recommend starting with smaller amounts and building up the colour.

What is it: Aritaum Styling Eye Palette
Price: $18NZD
Would I repurchase: Yep
Rating: 4/5

A Month with my Hobonichis

So it’s been a month since I started using Hobonichis and I love them. While I’m not suddenly productive like I wanted to be. When I do use them and check them I’m kept on track.I’m still using both the Weeks and the Techo and I’m working on developing a system that helps me maximize my usage.


As I mentioned in my planning post I use the Weeks to give me a weekly overview and work out on which day I need to do what. I’ve found it helpful for assignments as I can write down individual goals for everyday so it’s a bit more manageable. I mainly use it as a study planner. I’m also thinking of getting another one specifically for an academic tracker. On the right side of the pages I just write out notes, ideas or things I need to look up. I use the top section for weekly things I need to get done. I have also been known to write down weekly goals on the right page.


I’m not really doing much in the Techo to my disappointment. I’m sure when uni gets into full swing I’m going to regret saying that. At the moment I have it mentally divided with the top left section where I write my appointments and task for the day. From the last line after the moon state I start writing notes or things I’ll need to reference in the future. I also have the bottom half from the 12 mentally blocked off for notes. 


Lastly I have my Avec. This is just my journal where I write down things that happened during the day. For example the modified pain scale for me to refer to in the future so I’m consistent with pain ratings. I also glue things in here and watercolour. Which is why I chose the Avec as I didn’t want a full size getting so thick I would be annoyed using it.



Zombies Run Review

I use two apps when running; Zombies Run and Run Keeper. Zombies Run was something I was at first hesitant to get into. I go running on tracks in a forest so the idea of having zombie chasing sounds didn’t really appeal to me, but I downloaded and tried it out and I loved it.


I’ve also had a subscription for 2 months now and I’m definitely going to continue with the subscription. It allows you unlimited access to all the stories so you don’t have to wait to unlock the next story. This works out well for me as I try to go running every second day.


The plotline is great, I will admit it took me a few runs to really get into it and now that I’m near the end of season 1 I’m really invested and want to find out what happens next. It also gives you a nice break from music. I find that listening to music so often gets boring and having a new story really makes it interesting.


Not gonna lie the “You’re doing great” comments are nice, even though I’m using on my walking phase at that point.

My Goals for 2017

I would really consider these resolutions or things that I need to change overnight. The problem with resolutions in general are that they’re too big and people fail within a month and lose motivation. These goals are more where I want to be at the end of the year.

Invest in a good wardrobe
So this section was partially inspired by Sarah Rae Vegas’s video. Although I do have a health/weight related goal I’ll go into a bit more in it’s own paragraph. I’ve never had a wardrobe I’m particularly fond of I usually just grab whatever fits me and run. So usually this is just jeans and t-shirts. But I really love the grungey look. I’ve recently figured out the reason why I didn’t like my wardrobe; it didn’t fit me well. I’ve always been a bit on the bigger side, but after a couple episodes where my health turned to shit I put a bit more on. I’m still somewhere inbetween the regular sizes and plus sizes. I can occasionally find things that fit me okay but there’s always a but as to why I don’t wear them. Thinking back, a lot of my favourite pieces have been the ones that have fitted me well. I could just chuck them on and go and not have to worry about anything. But again my health turned to shit and I no longer fit my favourite jeans. Then I started looking at plus size hauls on Youtube and seeing hey there are clothes I like that fit could me. While I haven’t had the courage yet to place an order I’m hoping to build up a cash pillow so I can make an order in the future. I want to build a capsule wardrobe of staple pieces that will last a longish time.

Keep running.
If you read my last running post you’ll know I’ve started running again.Well kinda I ended up taking a break over the holidays and will probably not be running as much this coming month. I want to clarify that my goal isn’t actually to x times a week or x distance a week. It is simply that by the end of the year I’m running regularly and at a fitness level I happy with. While I do admit that I would like to loose weight and drop a few sizes they’re like thoughts in the back of my mind. As in I’m hoping that this is a side effect of running regularly and eating well but it’s not my end goal. I do have specific goals to kepe me on track but this is the overarching goal.

Try more makeup and skincare
This year I’m wanting to get into skincare a bit more and maybe play around with makeup a bit more. Not necessarily the makeup, definitely more the skincare. I’m hoping that it’ll become a part of my self care routine and part of my winding down routine at night. At the moment I’m planning on trying out AB skincare and the 10 step routine. I’m thinking of doing a post about how my routine looks in a couple of months when I have a basic routine sorted. My beauty/makeup philosophy is pretty simple. I prefer a fresh natural base and like experimenting with eyeshadows and lips. I’m hoping to have a full face of products that I like. I’m not really into the whole try everything mentalittly mine is more find one you thing you like and buy ALL of it. 

Keep a routine
This kinda follows on from the last paragraph. One thing that I have noticed definitely helping me is if I get up early do a routine of things that help me feel ready to face the world. If I miss a step it can throw my whole day off. I find if it’s something important but if it’s something with no immediate consequences then I’m more likely to flake off and take the day inside. This also interestingly happens if I’m waiting for a package as sometimes they’ll deliver and other times they’ll leave a card.

Keep Up with Uni
A major problem that I have pinpointed was going to lectures. I’ve had a few health issues that have kept me from uni which I’m still working on but they’re getting better. I want to keep this improvement going. I have a study plan sortedish, I’m thinking of posting about it here but not too sure.

My Planning System 2017

So as I mentioned in my planning planning 2017 post I decided on the Hobonichi, and now I have perhaps too many. Here i’m just going to outline my planning system for 2017 which what I’m using and how I’m using it. 


My main planner is the Hobonichi Techo, I use this as my daily planner. I don’t plain in great detail but I use to give me an overview of the day and track things I need to track. As an appendeum to this I use the weeks booklet to pencil in my hourly timetable so I can have a detail view of my day and appointments.  I tend to write notes down on the day page so I can back and see when I had that conversation or thought, so I mark important pages with book darts until I copy it over somewhere.


I use my Hobonichi Weeks to give me a good idea of what’s coming up and for forward planning. I’m surprised at how much I really enjoy using the weeks. It allows me to plan and schedule in appointments to see how busy I am. I also kinda really want to buy two more… I know. It’s a problem. One to track mental health and one for fitness. I’m planning to have a review up on Friday,


I also use the Hobonichi A6 Avec as a journal, in here I doodle and paint and write whatever happened to me that day. I also use it to write down things that are bothering me, goals and things I want to work on.


Now last year I used a Rhodia Webnotebook which I still love. So I use as a… hmm I guess you could say list book. I use it to store important things and again I use book darts and book marks if I need to refer to something again.

Planning Planning 2017

This year I used a bullet journal, read about that experiment here, and while I did enjoy the system I wasn’t a big fan of having to draw out my layouts as I go. Admittedly that’s more of a flaw of my set up rather than the idea of bullet journalling.  So I looked into alternatives i.e. already laid out planners.


Okay so I kinda lied as my first one isn’t exactly a book, it’s the Midori Traveller’s notebook. I liked the idea of having the freedom to add any books for an particular topic, but a the same time I didn’t like the idea of keeping everything separate. And for some reason the idea of using elastics to hold the book to the cover felt weird.


I glanced at the Erin Condren but decided I didn’t like the size. I was using an A5 this year and I’ve found it slightly too big for me to be able to easily carry it with me. I do like the Erin Condren but it just doesn’t feel like me.


I did entertain the idea of using another Rhodia Webnotebook for a bullet journal this year, but I felt even with the improvements I still would be struggling with it. So I’m planning on using another one next year but as more a list book/bullet journal hybrid.


Then I discovered the Hobonichi Techo. They’re a Japanese planner which 4-5 different variations depending on how you count them. I really like the look of the English planner version and I’m hoping to use that as my main planner to replace my bullet journal from this year. They also have a Weeks version that I am debating with myself about getting.