My (Kinda) DIY Cushion Foundations

I love cushion foundations, or rather I love the idea because I can’t for the life me find a match. DIYing a cushion to be the perfect sounds… well perfect however mixing products is not a good idea. You risk bacteria and mold growing in your cushion. So I got to thinking how can I use then cushion compacts that don’t fit me? I can’t keep a mixture for long but I really want to use these compacts. I’m also a big believer in it’s not the cushion that makes them so good, it’s the puff. So here are two different cushion foundation DIYs.


Method 1
If you’re like me and mix a foundation daily whether that be lighterners, darkeners, undertone, moisturiser etc. I often have to mix foundations and I hate the feeling of foundation on my hand and I don’t have a mixing palette.

What I do is I clean out a cushion compact, save the foundation because hey you never know I might miraculously wake up matching it. (I usually just decant a little bit into a container and send it to a friend.)


Then in the morning I mix my foundation in the now emptied and cleaned compact. Usually my mixture makes enough for one application and a bit. The leftover bit I take with me for touch-ups.

Still not amazing hygienic and still compromising the formula but I don’t mind as it’s only going to be use in a few hours, if at all. You don’t have to mix if you don’t want to, I can see this working with a few products you want to layer, just be aware that the puff does soak up quite a bit of product.


Method 2.

I like this for traveling. This was actually my original idea until semi-necessity required the first one. For this you’ll need a shallow sample container like this. Those aren’t the exact ones but similar. I’d recommend measuring the internal area to get an idea of how small you need. Place your foundation, I do not recommend mixing, in it and place in the compact. Add a spatula and an alcohol wipe and you’re done. I usually wipe the spatula and drop the foundation on the puff holder and spread it around a bit then use the puff to apply. Originally I wanted to use a small airless pump but good luck finding one the right size. If you’re wanting to try this I suggest measuring your compact first and then the container you want to use note; the standard sample cases won’t work and the YSL ones won’t either. I had to go on a mission to find them. You can put a little bit of blue tack underneath it if it jiggling around annoys you. If your spatula doesn’t fit you can hide it under your puff but I’ll imagine it will get dirty quite fast.


I’m actually thinking of modifying method 2 into a full face palette. As in take a magnetic palette, put in your powders and either attach some magnetic tape or blue tack it down for cream products. I’ve always wanted to have a full face palette for travel. Gimme a couple months to find everything haha. I can’t imagine liquids going well… Actually new goal: an entire travel skincare routine in a palette.

Starting Asian Beauty

It’s taken a while for me to get fully interested Asian beauty products; skincare and makeup. Skincare has always interested me but I was never able to do much research except for high end products which I feel are a little ridiculous for  a terrible at habits teenager. Then my best friend introduced me into k-dramas, which lead to kpop which has lead to k-beauty and in general Asian beauty products though I do focus on k-beauty as it is easily accessible to me.

I’ve generally picked up a product at the supermarket to try and found it really thick and heavy and it just sits there on my skin. I would have to force myself to keep up with it even though I was excited to be doing something. Then I discussed a few korea beauty products and went hmm. Dig some digging and some more and kinda fell in love with the philosophy. Although I’m not absolutely certain what my skin is. I usually say normal skin, maybe leaning a touch to the oily side.

My focus with Asian skincare is mostly anti-aging or age halting? I guess what I mean is that it’s just maintenance and making sure it’s healthy. Other than that my other issues are large pores and redness. While my slight OCD tendencies lead me to wanting to have a full 10 step routine I feel like that would be a bit too much. In saying that toners and serums are my jam from messing around with those awesome samples you get. It’s also a part of my self care routine.

I currently have a very simple routine which combines western products and Asian products:

Oil Cleasner (PM) – Dermologica precleanse
Foam Cleanser – Still searching but switch between a couple
Toner – Beauty Water (kinda toner kinda not. I use it as a cleansing water/pH balancing toner.)
Toner -Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Clear Toner
Moisturiser – the Face Shop Arsainte Gel
Sunscreen (AM) – Etude House Sunprise Watery light Sunscreen.

I also thought I would do a wee bit on my current routine and why as I a complete newb chose these products. Spoiler because they looked/sounded interesting and I found some decent or no reviews. The Beauty water is an exception which you can read about here. But I‘ve finished patch testing it so I’m confident to keep using it.

Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Clear Toner
I chose this as I really wanted to try out an Asian hydratingish toner, even though this is on the astringent side. While I’m currently patch testing it, my first impression have been pretty good. I realise that pore size is mostly genetic but I was checking my face and my pores were way less noticeable.I’m kinda convinced that this is a temporary thing but still super happy with it. I also love the way it quickly sinks into my skin.

the Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Crystal Water Super Gel

I chose this mostly because it looked interesting. I don’t particularly like the feeling of creams on my face, so I thought I would try a gel for a change. This is supposed to be cooling and if it does nothing else other than that I’m still pretty happy.


Etude House Sunprise Watery Light Sunscreen
I’m pretty sure I chose this because it was the cheapest. I’m very impressed tbh. I’ve never liked using sunscreen. I don’t want to say I have sensory issues but I am quite sensitive to feeling something on my skin; mostly face and hands. When I was growing up I would try to be diligent about sunscreen but I really hated the feeling and would wash it off as soon as possible. Trying this left me pretty much speechless. It glided on and sunk it super fast. Well it takes 10-15 minutes for it to full sink in but I can’t really feel it on my face. And I’m not saying this is a wonder product specifically but it has opened my eyes up to AB sunsccreens and how light they are.

I have a long wishlist of things I want to try and will maybe get when I start running low on the things I’m trying. Because I’m just starting unless something makes a noticeable different to my face I’m happy to keep doing the patch testing  thing and switch things around.

I’m planning on doing an update in a couple of months with how I get on with my routine, so check back for that! 

Do any of you have a skincare routine? What does it look like?