A Month with my Hobonichis

So it’s been a month since I started using Hobonichis and I love them. While I’m not suddenly productive like I wanted to be. When I do use them and check them I’m kept on track.I’m still using both the Weeks and the Techo and I’m working on developing a system that helps me maximize my usage.


As I mentioned in my planning post I use the Weeks to give me a weekly overview and work out on which day I need to do what. I’ve found it helpful for assignments as I can write down individual goals for everyday so it’s a bit more manageable. I mainly use it as a study planner. I’m also thinking of getting another one specifically for an academic tracker. On the right side of the pages I just write out notes, ideas or things I need to look up. I use the top section for weekly things I need to get done. I have also been known to write down weekly goals on the right page.


I’m not really doing much in the Techo to my disappointment. I’m sure when uni gets into full swing I’m going to regret saying that. At the moment I have it mentally divided with the top left section where I write my appointments and task for the day. From the last line after the moon state I start writing notes or things I’ll need to reference in the future. I also have the bottom half from the 12 mentally blocked off for notes. 


Lastly I have my Avec. This is just my journal where I write down things that happened during the day. For example the modified pain scale for me to refer to in the future so I’m consistent with pain ratings. I also glue things in here and watercolour. Which is why I chose the Avec as I didn’t want a full size getting so thick I would be annoyed using it.