A’Pieu Milk One Pack Sheet Masks Review (Whole Range)


So the first Korean sheet mask that I tried was the A’Pieu Peach and Yogurt mask which I loved the smell of, but when I let the essence sink in it left my skin looking super oily. Usually I very easily get put off brands by a bad product, even though logically I know that one bad product doesn’t represent a company. Then I saw the A’Pieu Milk One Pack Sheet Masks and I thought they looked interesting. I bought some from NZ at $2.50 each and some from Korea at ~$5 for 3. I have normal skin maybe leaning dry and live in NZ. The mask shape seemed to fit my face well, with no slipping. Please bear in mind I do routinely use a silicone mask cover.


Green Tea Milk – Soothing (MRP)
This was the first one I tried and it convinced me that sheet masks aren’t entirely terrible. I’m not a fan of green tea, and a couple other food items, so I generally stay away from products containing them. I was a little bit annoyed at how much I liked this. It has a very light fresh green tea scent, slightly sweet. It didn’t leave my skin looking greasey straight after. And it seemed to minimise my redness a little bit. The next morning my skin looksed really nice and smooth. The redness was toned down but it didn’t last. There was enough extra essence to almost fill a sample container and that provide enough extra essence to cover my face 3-4 times.


Coffee Milk – Firming (RP)
I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like the taste of coffee, though mochas are growing on me, but loves the smell of it. As in I’ve seriously considered filling a container with coffee beans and putting my brushes in it. This mask smells amazing! I actually like smushed my nose into it to smell it. At first I could tell it definitely smelled like coffee, but it wasn’t coffee as I knew it Jim! After much consideration; me trying to suffocate myself with the mask because it smells so good. I’ve decided it smells like an iced coffee. Definitely coffee but not say a flat white. Anyways enough about the smell. I decided to try squeezing out a little extra essence as I feel like with the previous mask there was quite a bit left on the mask. In the end, with the leftovers in the foil, I filled a sample container. My face did, dare I say it, feel  firmer after it. I’m going to try it a couple more times to be certain it has an effect. In saying that because of the smell even if it does nothing I would happily stash some away in my self care box for bad days. My face did look a touch shinier straight after but it wasn’t greasey looking.


Chocolate Milk – Smoothing (WNR)
Oh man, this mask annoys me so much. Since I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the smell of my other masks, I was hoping this one would be good as well. Especially since I love chocolate. To me I only get faint hints of chocolate every now and then. It smells quite artificial to me and was very cloying. And it gave me a massive headache, that bordered on a migraine. I tried sniffing it the next day and yup headache inducing. I also gave some to a friend to smell and they said coconut which was actually my first thought. Thinking about it I think it smells like cocoa body butter. I definitely saw a smoothing affect with my pores. Which annoys me because I can’t stand the smell. I probably won’t repurchase and will stash my current extras away for when my skin is looking terrible… or cut them up for just my cheek area. Honestly this made quite a few of my pores disappear, albeit temporarily. 


Coconut Milk – Moisturising (WNR)
I’m still not sure what this smells like, I get a tropical coconuty soap vibe. But it’s not very coconuty. Like there’s definitely coconut but it’s not like I’m smothering my face in coconut milk. It’s an alright scent for me but there’s this milk hint that gives me a headache. It leave my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

White Milk – Hydrating (WNR)
The only think I could think of was sour milk. It was the acidic smell of sour milk it was just off, like milk but not. I was expecting it to smell like the milk lollies, nope. I did not like the scent at all. I only managed 10 minutes before it made me feel sick and I had to take it off. I actually ended up using a different mask to try hide the smell. In saying that inbetween when I took the mask and let the essence sink in, before deciding that I couldn’t stand the smell anymore, my face did feel hydrated. 


Strawberry – Brightening (MRP)
I was very surprised at this mask. Since the previous ones have gone from bad to worse I was dreading trying this mask. However I was pleasantly surprised. It smells exactly like strawberry hubba bubba. I do admit I don’t have much experience with brightening products so I can’t compare but my skin definitely looked brighter when I took it off. I might repurchase this but I think I need to recover from the other ones first. It has definitely got me interested in trying some more brightening products.


Banana – Nourishing (MRP)
The last one I needed to complete the collection. This smells exactly like banana candy, and I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely made my skin feel super moisturised and helped a little bit with hiding my pores. My face felt kinda sticky when it dried down, after about 10 minutes or so but I may not have waited until it was fully dry before moving on.


Overall summary
I think overall I was disappointed, not because they were ineffective but because they’re unsuable for me. I saw great results with the coffee, chocolate, white, strawberry masks but the scents make them pretty much unbearable for me. However in saying that I would definitely recommend them if as they were effective for me. I just find that I’m fairly sensitive to scents so strong scents can be overwhelming so keep that in mind.


All the masks had a positive effect on my face, for some the scents makes them unusable. Coffee was the best scented one and had a firming effect. Chocolate had an amazing affect on my pores but I can’t stand the smell. The rest all did what they said they do, but these two were the best for me. Would recommend if you’re not sensitive to smell, none of them broke me out.

Anyone thinking of trying these? Or have tried them? Let me know what you think!